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Lagardère Travel Retail is considering Food & Beverage as an integral part of the holistic customer journey.

Focused on quality and operational excellence, we offer a diverse and innovative portfolio mixing global partner brands and internal concepts covering the whole spectrum of food options to accommodate all customer tastes. To address the specifications and constraints of certain locations, Lagardère Travel Retail offers differentiating bespoke concepts with a strong sense of place.

Lagardère Travel Retail’s Foodservice team is pioneering the future of airport Food & Beverage with the development of innovative concept, breaking the codes of today's F&B market.

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Vino Volo
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The Daily DXB

A new generation food hall at Dubai airport that immerses travelers in a truly local atmosphere.

The Daily DXB is a tailor-made concept for Dubai International Airport.

Nestled in the heart of Terminal 3, also known as the Emirates hub, and serving up to 43 million passengers per year, it captures the essence of Dubai culinary culture, made of influences from all over the world.

Its street food format creates a unique friendly and vibrant atmosphere in which passengers from all over the world can find experience Dubai urban vibe and find something to their liking, be it from the woke, pizza oven, grill or fresh sandwich and market section.


Your deli stopover at the Abu Dhabi Airport!
TRIB’S is an international Grab & Go casual restaurant designed specifically for travelers. It provides convenient, rapid service around a variety of food options. Whether you are in a rush or have time on your hands, our wide range of delicious fresh products will ensure you enjoy your break!

TRIB’S is a fast casual concept designed to answer the specific needs of travelers, and to ease their journey

TRIB’S is based on a strong promise:

  • Good: delicious treats, quality, speed
  • Simple: a clear and accessible offer
  • Fresh: products manufactured on-site, replenished at different times of the day and according to season

The focus on self-service offers autonomy and convenience to travelers in full control of their time, while the cozy consumption areas offer a relaxing place for travelers with spare time.

Bricco Café

Italian passion for food with a local twist, is what Bricco Café at the Abu Dhabi Airport is all about!

Delicious Italian pizzas and pastas are complimented by an attractive selection of some Arabic dishes, all freshly prepared every day. Our coffee counter offers a wide choice of freshly brewed Italian coffee specialties as well as mouth-watering pastries. No matter if you want to dine in or take away, you will always find something genuine to enjoy at Bricco, located at the Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1.


Your favorite meeting place at the Abu Dhabi Airport

Sky Bar, located in the transit area of Terminal 1 at the Abu Dhabi Airport, is a relaxing last stop prior to departure. Enjoy a wide offer of carefully selected whiskeys, brandies and other spirits. The comprehensive selection of draught beers, as well as the deli food options to consume on site or take away, makes Sky Bar a favorite meeting place from the morning into the late evening hours.

Naan Indian Kitchen

Experience the top-quality, spicy, rich, flavourful, and diverse authentic Indian food at Naan Indian Kitchen at the Abu Dhabi Airport.

Indulge yourself with the best Indian food, from curries to masalas and vegetarian options, or just grab a quick samosa with authentic Karak chai. All our meals are served with a wide complimentary choice of naan, rice, or veggies.

So! Coffee

So! Coffee is an efficient and cosy coffee shop concept designed by Lagardère Travel Retail specifically for travelers

Hand-crafted quality coffee, fresh pastries, cold beverages, salads, sandwiches and bakery products adapted to local tastes will reassure stressed travelers and indulge their senses.

So! Coffee has been designed with ease and efficiency in mind, facilitating a smooth customer pathway through the outlet, and displaying an offer that is understandable at a single glance.​

So! Coffee allows travelers to enjoy comfortable seating where they can take a break and immerse themselves in a great coffee experience. The setting is contemporary, very much in line with current trends: a warm atmosphere mixing traditional coffee house conventions with modern and industrial elements. Stylish furniture and decoration, a mix of new and vintage-feel lighting, and the use of industrial materials such as concrete make this a resolutely contemporary concept.


Fix is all about respect and care. Each bag of our coffee beans is expertly roasted to showcase its unique flavour, body and character, each sustainable coffee plantation is given the representation it deserves.

FIX coffee shop front view

In the last decade, a new wave of innovative coffee roasters across the globe have reinvented our morning brew and got us all hooked on a double shot, single origin, flat whites. as a more sensual and pleasurable experience.

Using different varieties of beans, cultivated under an array of conditions, the baristas learned how to process and manipulate coffee to create a more sensual and interesting experience. The brewing techniques got reinvented, and the old ones resurfaced. Each technique yielded a new, distinctive taste, and the coffee got lighter, richer or fruitier, allowing us to linger over it.

Our delicious food is freshly made every day, and we proudly serve seasonal dishes with local ingredients.

Our aim is simple. We want to make sure that every guest starts their day right by providing them with the best food options and a great cuppa of black magic, in a unique space.

Flour + Stone

Flour & Stone proposes a new dining experience to modern citizens, one where recognizable food from around the world is presented in a contemporary, inviting space.
All our doughs are prepared daily by skilled bakers who have mastered the art of making bread and flatbreads from a wide array of cultures, allowing us to showcase interesting flavour profiles, familiar to some, and new to others.

Flour + Stone front view

Bread culture has moved beyond the tasteless white, pre-sliced Wonder Bread and is now focused on quality and variety and is often revered. Flour + Stone celebrates the simple flatbread by using our fresh, proprietary doughs to provide a canvas for exciting toppings and moreIsh flavours from the world’s ovens. 

Flour + Stone offers a convenient, fresh food option that is warm, cosy, familiar, honest, clean, fragrant and most importantly, portable. Perfect for the transient customer.

Familiar for the far travelled, comfort for the weary, sustenance for the hungry, and affordable for the many. 

Treehouse Juicery

Treehouse Juicery only uses the freshest fruits and vegetables available when creating each item on the menu, but our products are a creation from our core values and principles that keep your body and mind in check.

Treehouse shop view

Treehouse Juicery was conceptualized, nurtured and created through careful research and extended travel to health capitals
of the world. Our vision is to provide nutritious grab-and-go food for today's fast-paced lifestyles. The concept has been tailored for the health-conscious culture of today. By offering a wide variety of naturally sourced products that promote a healthier and positive lifestyle. 

Drawing inspiration from organic-centric brands. The driving force behind the idea for Treehouse Juicery came from one of its founders through his passion for healthy living and was ultimately fueled by his desire to create a concept that would offer everyone simple access to a healthier lifestyle.

The unique surroundings’ and design of Treehouse Juicery have been inspired by nature’s simplicity - making Treehouse Juicery a true lifestyle accessory.


S34 is an abbreviation for Sikka 34 which is a famous alleyway in “old Dubai”.
The Maqha (Arabic Cafe) is Emirati yet eclectic in its inspiration. Sikkas are popular in Dubai’s old neighbourhood of “Al Bastakiya” which has existed since the 1800s. Today, Al Bastakiya is a place where you get lost between authenticity and art, tradition and modernity, Arabic Culture and new influences, just the perfect place to influence the vibrant design of S34 as well as its offering.

S34 shop front

S34 wishes to bring back tradition with a modern take on Emirati heritage.

We believe coffee should be a social experience, just like the bean’s story started, S34 is ready to welcome the world into a journey that celebrates our social, hospitable and rich Arabic culture.

The menu showcases the best Emirati cuisine to passengers, whether Dubai residents or transiting and is completely unfamiliar with the local way of life.

We have chosen the most popular dishes, traditionally known for sharing, and given them a 21st-century spin, in terms of presentation, plating and taste.

While the core stays the same, as we’ve learnt over generations, we managed to surpass the barriers of time and make something old, current.


Tranzeet brings the classic American diner back to life and aims to provide an elevated airport offering for people of different cultures to experience a fun space with the most popular food the world has to offer, packaged in internationally recognized formats, presented in a dynamic and engaging environment and offering a place to dine that is easy but inspired, offering a sense of place, a sense of comfort and a sense of fun to the travellers of the world.

Tranzeet Concourse B

Influenced by the modern-day nomad,  Tranzeet is for people that are on the go and looking for something playful yet familiar, old yet new and craved globally. Tranzeet strives to continuously explore new ways to make the travel experience fun. The energetic, space serves as a stop on a fast-paced journey.

Tranzeet is all about comfort food, served quickly. We have adopted a philosophy of evolved nostalgia in our menu approach. From the diner tradition of offering bacon and eggs all day, Tranzeet serves speciality items that are unique, like awesome mac and cheese, healthy options and daily blue-plate specials, to name a few. In true diner style, the food is uncomplicated and quick - perfect for people on the go.

Our beverages are fun and refreshing, and pay homage to the diner’s ‘cup of joe’ and coke floats with inventive coffee drinks, slushes, juices and milkshakes. 

Tranzeet’s menu covers all day parts, from 24-hour breakfasts to soups, sandwiches, specials, desserts, shakes and kid’s meals. 


Grabb’it is our alternative to your traditional convenience store. It is quick, serves healthy food both cold and hot, as well as drinks to passengers really in a hurry.
Offering passengers all their travel essentials as well as a healthy, affordable alternative, Grabb’it is quickly becoming one of the most popular F&B outlets in DXB.

Grabb'it shop front

Grabb’it is each rushed passenger’s answer to a busy airport experience. A one-stop for hot or cold food, juices or a cup of coffee, as well as snacks, sweets and travel essentials, this is the place to pass by before your gate.


Nutritious hot and cold meals can be picked up from Grab & Go and display, packed and enjoyed during the flight. With a menu curated for this type of concept, the dishes are nutritious, tasty and energy-enhancing for those on the go.


We’re the real deal
There’s no twist, no turn. We cook Lebanese, full stop. We cook real food, for real people, day in and day out.
No boundaries.

Sawa shop

Lebanese food with most of its recipes can be traced back to roman and Phoenician times. Ingredients such as grains and vegetables have always been a part of the diet, with lamb and red meat being added throughout history.

Our take on Lebanese food is not to play with the classics, but to present them in a different light and give them a modern makeover. The taste stays the same as it was on the streets of Beirut, but everything else is modern, 21st-century friendly and ready to be eaten in the comfort of your own home.

We tirelessly work on developing dishes that appeal to a wide audience and cater to all age groups and diets, as well as searching for local farms and suppliers that can keep the integrity of our menu through fresh fruits and vegetables and free-range meat.


Nutella® is the first Nutella® F&B dedicated space, in a transient location. With a concept that breaths the brand through all its pores, from design to menu and service, Nutella® brought a playful dining space to Dubai Airports, where grown-ups and young ones can sweeten their trip through the airport, whilst blurring the lines between retail and F&B.

Nutella Concourse B

When Nutella® appears, magic happens. We’ve taken an old classic and recreated traditional and loved many dishes such as crepes and waffles, but added a few of our own. Nutella tacos anyone?
Although indulgent in its nature, each sweet dish is carefully created to not exceed a set number of calories, so it can be enjoyed by everyone.
Alongside sweet dishes, we’ve created a menu of quick, savoury bites meant to be consumed on the go and speciality Nutella® hot chocolate and coffee-based drinks.

Partner of choice for brands

Our ambition is to become the preferred partner for brands

With a strong foodie culture and start-up approach, we have a passion for brands. We work hand in hand with brand owners, complying with the highest standards to deliver memorable customer experiences to travelers with first-class service that meets and exceeds their expectations.